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07 March 2009 @ 04:17 pm
lj communities hacking.  
Taken from evilfuckinbitch 's LJ

As you may have heard, there has been a recent spate of hackings across LiveJournal, and it seems to be larger communities that are being hacked. Once the hackers have gained access to a community, they make a post saying that the community is closing. They include several links in this post. Do not, under any circumstances, click any of these links, as they are intended to spread a malware keylogger.

To see what these posts look like, HERE is an example from a recently hacked community. Note: this link does not go to a community that has been hacked, simply a community that has posted a screencap example.

If you see any suspicious posts on any communities...
# Don't click any strange links as they're there to spread a virus.

# Please report the post to LiveJournal immediately.

# Contact the moderators of the community.

To prevent your journal from being hacked, this is what you can do:
# Email Management - clear out all unactive email adresses.

# Change Password - Make the password difficult to figure out and don't base it on your username.

# Set a Secret Question - Add one that you can answer if you forget your password.

Personal Note: They appear to be targeting Mods of Communities, but no one is safe really. I recommend EVERYONE do these things asap to protect yourselves, your journals, and your communities. Also if you could repost this or just plain spread the word, that would help!
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